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T.K. Exports, Inc. is a world leader in the export of high quality livestock genetics.









With over 25 years of experience managing projects and meeting specific customer demands for pedigreed animals, T.K. Exports provides comprehensive services to deliver superior animal genetics.

We believe that technical services are key to project success, and indispensable for large shipments. T.K. Exports has organized a consortium of seasoned specialists, such as veterinarians, livestock specialists, and management professionals, who help facilitate all of our shipments.

T.K. Exports, Inc. works closely with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) on every project. The USDA's Animal Plant Health and Inspection Service is responsible for the development of health protocols which establish the requirements for exportation of any genetic material to a specific country. There are always issues concerning safeguarding against the exportation of certain diseases to foreign countries. Since opinions regarding the significance of certain diseases and the means in which to safeguard against those diseases can differ, T.K. Exports' personnel have actively participated in the establishment of many health protocols. We believe that practicality and reasonable costs are essential in the exportation of live animals. Without such qualities, we would be unable make the benefits of USA genetics available for our customers.

Additionally, we work closely with the USDA's Foreign Agriculture Service (FAS) to promote U.S. genetics at international shows and other FAS sponsored events. In some cases the USDA offers financing and other incentive programs to promote exporting to specific countries. We participate in their Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) finance program and their Export Enhancement Program (EEP) to insure our customers receive all the benefits of buying USA genetics.

T.K. Exports, Inc. has managed successful projects on every continent worldwide. We believe that no other animal genetics exporting company can rival the depth and breadth of our experience and our comprehensive, end-to-end services. We stand ready to meet your specific genetics needs!



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